Comet and Christa

Hello everyone! It's me, Comet. I understand that summer is soon coming to a close and that school has begun again for many, which means that sessions will be starting again very soon! We're all very excited for the cold and warm winter blankets. However, we are mostly looking forward to seeing our riders again.

Not a day has gone by that I haven't thought of little Christa. I could tell that she was different from the minute I saw her, and in the best sort of way. She had a smile that brightened everyone's spirit and an infectious laugh. She didn't seem at all hindered by her weak frame and, although she had a bit of trouble walking over, she was filled with assurance and was without fear.

There was not much of a need to get her acquainted with me, or with anything in general. She was just ready for whatever was to come. However, her body couldn't seem to catch up with her energized spirit, and she was straining with almost every exercise. The ride was a bit rough on her part, but she was still beaming when it was over. As she slid down, she made it over to my nose and gave it a kiss and a stroke.

Since then, Christa and I have been working on her core, getting her strong and it's been quite an adventure filled with significant milestones. She can already keep her balance, for the most part. Christa loves games like Cat-Cow and throwing and catching things as she and I make our way through an obstacle course. She's learning so much and getting stronger every day.