Pepsi's Story

Hello there! My name is Pepsi. I'm an American Paint Horse, and I work as an Therapeutic Riding Horse along with Levi, Comet, and a few others. We all love our jobs, and they've impacted us about as much as the children we serve. You see, I was practically a rescue and came from a less-than-comfortable background. I spooked at everything and was terrified of people. But, with a little love, patience, and persistence, I learned that I didn't have to be afraid. Now I know that with good people around me and a trustworthy team, we can overcome almost any challenge. Moreover, I learned that I could become that kind of hope for someone else when I met Sadie.

I remember the first time that I saw her, as she and her siblings ran out of the car to pet us. Sadie and I were immediately drawn to one another. She was so happy and carefree and made everyone around her smile. She had such a hopeful outlook on life, despite suffering from Down Syndrome.
Sadie had a bit of trouble trying to mount me, at first. However, she was persistent and, for her, giving up was not an option. When she got on, I felt her tense up a bit, which was understandable since she had never been on a horse before.

During the first few minutes of the session, we were both on edge, and she hurt my ears when she thought she was going to fall. But, I took courage in how calm my team was and was able to channel that peace to Sadie. She reciprocated far better than most riders, and it gave me even more confidence.
The bond between Sadie and I grows stronger and stronger with each session, and I'm looking forward to conquering our future challenges together.