Levi’s Story

Hi there! My name is Levi. I'm a thirteen-year-old paint horse, and I love my job. I was born and raised here at Reins of Life, and one of the many things that I do here is work as an adaptive riding therapy horse, helping boys and girls regain their confidence, self-respect, and hope.

Today was a special day for me because I got to meet this cool kid named  Conner. I noticed that Conner had a bit of trouble getting out of the car. He was just barely walking, and the twisted but soft lines on his face told me that he was anxious. It made me a bit anxious too. He leaned against the fence and held out his tender, shaking, little fingers for me to sniff. I didn't want him to be afraid. I let him pet me, and I tried not to step on his little toes. 

Pretty soon, everyone was helping him onto my back. He sat there like a sack of potatoes and was shaking. It hurt a bit, but I knew that he couldn't help it. We walked around for a while, and I could feel him getting more and more comfortable, almost with each stride. His breathing steadied, and he even loosened up a bit, which was a welcome relief since he was holding on to me as if for dear life. 

When the session was over, he slipped off like rag doll. It was an excellent first ride, as far as most first rides go. It made my day seeing Conner's face. He was grinning from ear to ear. He gave me a good rub on my shoulder, and I could hear him tell his parents that he couldn't wait for the next time. Neither can I, Conner. Neither can I.