Comet's Story

Hello all. My name is Comet, and I've been here, at Reins of Life, working as a riding therapy horse for as long as anyone can remember. I love my home and what I do. I especially love little Amy. She's one of my smaller riders and has a hard time balancing and using both sides of her body at the same time. She and I met a few years ago. She was so young but filled with courage. She was hardly afraid of me or any of the other horses. However, she was quite shy around other people and barely spoke.
Once she got on my back, I felt her tremble, but I knew it was from her weak legs and not from fear. Poor thing, she couldn't help it. I could feel her start to slip and immediately adjusted myself and held her left side up. It worked, and for the rest of the ride, I tried my best to keep her from falling.
At the end of the session, some of the workers helped her down as she started to slip off. She and I were both a bit sweaty — me from holding Amy and her from holding on. We were both tired, but I knew that with the kind of courage and determination that she had, she was well on her way to becoming strong enough to hold herself up. She was happy and filled with hope, and I was happy for her.
Today, Amy is stronger than ever. I barely even have to hold her up anymore! When I see her car coming down the drive, I get so excited, and I'm filled with joy when she comes running to stroke my nose. She's no longer shy around people and talks up a storm with everyone else. She makes people laugh and makes me feel calm. I love her so much and can't wait to see what lies ahead for both of us.