Maverick & Conner

Hello everyone! It's me, Maverick. A little update on our antics- this morning, it was raining like crazy here at Reins of Life, and, for those of you who don't know, we horses are not particularly fond of getting wet. It makes us feel grimy and slippery. Also, if it stays on for too long, it could develop into an itchy rash. So, what do we do when it rains, you might ask. Well, we roll in the mud. Naturally, the staff wasn't too thrilled at the state of our coats, and we had to be groomed extra carefully. No horse likes caked mud trapped on our backs while wearing a saddle. But, I still say it was worth it.

Anyways, the sky was clear, and the ground was mostly dry by the time sessions started. Since last week's assisted riding sessions, we've been teaching some of our more experienced riders how to ride on their own, with staff walking close by the both of us, of course. Anyhow, it's made my rider, Conner, and I feel more like a team. He's been having an absolute blast and rides just like a cowboy from an old western. We took to some of the trails today, where I slightly stumbled over a large branch. While it was nothing serious, I was a little shaken. However, Conner kept his balance and even helped me to calm down. After the ride, I recalled how he must have walked and held himself, based on what Levi's told me. Conner has improved so much that I can hardly fathom him ever having trouble walking or riding, and I know Levi is proud of him. Even though he's not yet ready to ride comfortably without stirrups, I'm blessed to have Conner as a rider and a friend.