Abe's Story

My name's Abraham, but everyone calls me Abe. Before coming to Reins of Life, I was a trail riding horse. I was moved over here, to Reins of Life, when I retired some years ago due to a spinal injury. But these days, my workload is lighter than ever as an assisted-riding therapy horse.

These past three weeks, I've been working with a young man named Jason. When he and I first met, I could tell that there was a lot on his mind. He wore a solemn expression and zoned in and out of conversations and activities. However, I think he deserves much credit for bravery and determination. It was plain to see that Jason had been through a lot in his past. However, that didn't seem to deter him. He mounted with ease and rode so well that I almost forgot he was there on our trail ride yesterday! By all of this, I could tell that he had been riding before. However, he has a bit of trouble being aware of when to stop, start, or turn. Nevertheless, I believe that those obstacles will be overcome very soon.